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Most people do not think about their carpentry. Whether we are talking about basic pieces of carpentry, like your footboards, or ornate pieces like crown molding, good carpentry does not take center stage. Instead, it is a supporting character that lets the real stars of the show shine through.

However, people do notice bad carpentry. If you have sloppy woodwork in your home, it can wreck the appearance of an otherwise pristine home. It cheapens your interior and detracts from your decorating efforts.

That is why Van Go offers carpentry services in addition to our painting services. We not only paint your woodwork, but we can also fix it, replace it, or build it.

What Is Carpentry?

Some people are confused about carpentry? It is a broad term that people use in different ways, but we think that the best way to describe it is woodwork. In a home renovation context, carpentry means working with wood.

What Do Carpenters Do?

We use wood to add the finishing touches to your home renovation. Our carpenters can replace footboards, add shiplap or wainscoting, install trim, and put up crown molding. All of these touches help make a room look more finished and polished. In fact, we like to think of trim as a frame for the picture you are creating with your design and decorating choices.

Carpenters are not limited to working with trim. We can also fix existing large pieces, such as your kitchen cabinetry, or create new pieces. We can build custom cabinets, bookshelves, and other wooden pieces to fully design your home.

Permanent Furniture

We can even use our skills to add furnishings to your home. Carpenters can add built-in bookshelves or desks. We can also create loft beds, window seats, and benches. These built in pieces can be great space savers in homes where space is an issue. They add form, functionality, and value to your home at a surprisingly affordable price point. Built-ins are often more affordable than their stand-alone counterparts.

Find Out More

If you can picture it, our carpenters can probably create it. The best way to find out is to schedule a consultation. At our free consultation, our design experts will talk with you about your goals. We can assess how our carpenters can help you meet them, and what custom work will really help your home stand out from the crowd. Give us a call today to schedule.

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