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People have surprisingly intense feelings about wallpaper. Some people love it for the unexpected pop of color and texture it can bring to certain areas. Others hate it, thinking that all wallpaper looks dated. We think that there is a place for wallpaper in modern decorating, especially for people who appreciate bold looks. However, whether you plan on painting or putting up different wallpaper, you first have to begin the removal process of any current wallpaper.

Removing Wallpaper

Removing wallpaper should not be easy. Sure, if your current wallpaper is in terrible shape, it may be easy to peel off in strips from the walls. But, if the current wallpaper was good quality and installed properly, it should not be easy to remove. After all, if it peeled off that easily, it would not have been a good decorating choice.

Wallpaper is paper glued to a surface. It should be difficult to peel away from that surface. So, if you try to tackle the project without the right tools or no-how, you could end up with a big mess. In fact, you could end up with more than a mess. Improperly removing wallpaper can result in you tearing the paper off of your sheetrock and creating holes or divots in your base surface.

Proper Procedures

There are several good approaches for successfully removing wallpaper. You can use chemical strippers to break down the glue in the paper. You can use a paper tiger to score the paper, allowing chemicals or water to get to the glue underneath the paper’s surface. You can use steamers to loosen the glue. Finally, you can use scrapers to help you remove the wallpaper. In some jobs, it may be necessary to use all of these techniques to remove all of the paper.

Deciding which approach to use can be tricky. You need to consider the age of the home, the age of the wallpaper, and how long it has been in the house. You also need to look at the angles of the room and the surrounding surfaces. All of that information can help you make a plan of attack.

Let the Pros Handle It

At Van Go, we have the experience and knowledge to quickly and efficiently remove your wallpaper. Whether you are using us for painting the room once the walls are clear or simply to help you prep for the next step, we can help you turn your walls into a blank slate. Contact us today for pricing and scheduling information.

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