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Why Light Carpentry Is Important When Painting Your Home

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When looking for a painter, you are probably focused on their painting. However, to get the best quality paint job, your painter has to be able to do more than paint. They also need to handle the prep work. For many exterior and interior home painting projects, that means light carpentry. If they just paint over existing flaws, you will not get the desired results, which will feel like a waste of money. That is why we ensure that every painter we have can do more than just paint. They can also handle the prep work.

Light carpentry refers to any minor repair to wooden features. We use the term light carpentry to contrast with regular carpentry, which is a term that describes more significant projects, major repairs, and finely detailed carpentry. Some examples of light carpentry include repairing or replacing damaged or rotted wood in fences, window frames, trim, baseboards, stairs, support rails, and more. To complete a paint job, the painter may need to remove wood, so light carpentry can also include removing and replacing things like cabinets, moldings, or chair rails, when necessary.

Light carpentry for interior work helps the job look perfect. Normal wear and tear can do a number on your wood. Fixing those dings and dents can make your home look brand new. While it does not technically fall under the umbrella of carpentry, fixing nail holes and other damage to your drywall is another thing our painters handle. Again, the goal is to make the job look as great as possible.

For the exterior, light carpentry work is even more critical. Rotten or damaged exterior wood puts your home at risk. Paint cannot restore damaged wood, and you want to avoid any painter that offers to paint over the damage. If you leave it up, it is going to continue to rot. Plus, rotting wood puts you at risk of getting pests that can damage the wood, like termites and ants. Fixing it helps keep your property structurally sound.

Our painters only handle light carpentry. However, if you need more extensive carpentry work, we recommend general carpenters to handle the job. We work well with other contractors and can coordinate the job to ensure you love the results. So, contact us today to get started.

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